PLASMA-LiS comprises leading expertise in materials science, chemistry and electrochemistry, stakeholder engagement, communications, and project management. The combination of technical and non-technical experience brings a unique perspective that is crucial to the realisation of the PLASMA-LiS project objectives.

Team Lead: Prof. Kevin M. Ryan (University of Limerick) – Prof. Ryan holds a Personal Chair in Chemical Nanotechnology at UL. He is the Theme leader for Molecular and Nanomaterials at the Bernal Institute, a member of the UL Governing Authority and Academic lead on the UL Researcher Development Programme for Postdoctoral Training. He has secured over €9M in individual research funding from national, European and industry sources. Nationally, he is involved in 4 large research centres including MAREI (Energy), AMBER (NanoMaterials) CONFIRM (Advanced Manufacturing) and SSPC (Solid State Materials), that collectively involve 150 industries and 12 research institutions.

Team Co-Lead: Dr. David McNulty (University of Limerick) – Dr. McNulty completed his PhD in the Department of Physics in UL in 2014. He has worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher in University College Cork and as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland and he is currently a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Department of Chemical Sciences at UL. His research interests include nanostructure synthesis and energy storage (>45 publications, >800 citations, h-Index of 14). Dr. McNulty has extensive knowledge and experience of synthesising carbon nanostructures for use as electrode materials in Lithium–sulfur batteries to the PLASMA-LiS project.

Societal Impact Champion: Ms. Kathrin Kopke (MaERI, University College Cork) – Kathrin has over 15 years of experience in science communication, stakeholder engagement and creating societal impact for research projects with a proven track record of leading relevant work that targets plastic pollution. She led the implementation of National Marine Litter fora in 12 European countries in the MARLISCO project (FP7), which engaged 1540 stakeholders in total, and for the JPI-Oceans EPHEMARE project in which Kathrin engaged high level EU regulators, policy makers, and industry representatives in dialogue about microplastic pollution, policy, and regulation. She most recently started leading the science communication and stakeholder engagement for two new JPI-Oceans funded marine microplastic pollution projects (ANDROMEDA and RESPONSE). She is a member of the European Marine Board Communication Panel and leads the OceanWise project capitalisation efforts, which focus on foamed polystyrene plastic litter and Circular Economy.

Industry Partner: Dr. John Hanrahan (Glantreo Limited) – Dr. Hanrahan is one of the co-founders of Glantreo and has been Chief Technical Officer of Glantreo since 2008. Dr. Hanrahan will bring his industrial experience to PLASMA-LiS, specifically helping with the transition from lab-to-market, engaging with stakeholders, developing policies and ensuring that developed technologies are used efficiently, profitably and securely.